A Fresh Take

No Microwaves.

no freezers.

no can openers.

Never Processed.


Handmade Daily.

Since 1990, we’ve chosen the handmade, not the processed. The farm-fresh, not the tin-canned. At Baja Fresh franchise restaurants, flavor and nutrition are always selected over fillers and fads. Dedicated customers find that eating well is a way of life and a state of mind. We believe in real food made with passion, for real people. Food that’s always prepared by hand from real recipes and real farm-fresh ingredients, not pre-packaged. Life should be full of variety, zest, and positive energy, energized by good health and good nutrition. It’s this philosophy that sets us apart from our competition time and time again.

We stand out because of the extreme measures we take to help ensure freshness (the restaurants don’t even have can openers, microwaves or freezers).